This being my first blog, and thus my first blog post. I thought I’d start off by giving you all a small insight to who I am.

My name is Madeleine (Maddy) Beesey. I am (newly) 19 years old and am a student at Deakin University. I’m currently in my second year, studying a double degree of Arts/Commerce.

This semester I enrolled in Media Studies, ALC203 for which has been the initial purpose for my creation of this blog.

As a person, I am a very free-spirited and spontaneous individual who is always up for a little adventure and enjoys just “going with the flow”. I am also a world-class goofball, and pizza enthusiast. Although in many cases I can initially come off as a shy individual, once I have stepped out of my comfort zone and feel safe and secure in my surroundings and with the people around me, I become far from shy.

This unit has really forced me to really step out of this comfort zone of mine and endeavour into a range of new (and somewhat scary) things. And thus, I have been able to delve more deeply into MY online identity and how I convey myself on various different social media platforms.



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