Digital Activism

I have been exploring the effect that online media has in the world and specifically was intrigued about Activists, and how they use various online social platforms as a tool for promoting their cause and campaigns.

I made a little a video where I discuss further my thoughts and findings of activism and social media, and the benefits and costs this has to the success of their cause.







In creating this video I came across quite a few challenges with this assignment. As this unit has been vastly different to all my others, with it I’ve had to develop a new way to how I approach these assignments. Time management is something I have always struggled with and for this assignment I definitely underestimated the amount of time it took to do everything. Although out what I wanted to talk about the types of animations I wanted to use, the process was extremely more difficult than i had anticipated and far more time consuming. The editing of the video and making sure it looked neat and flowed definitely took far longer than I had expected. And all the small details like adding in images and graphs and statistics and using Powtoon as a large visual aid for my video, definitely made it a more time consuming process.  Although I had made videos before during my high school experience, I had used a completely different editing software and was not an informative style video like this was. So there was definitely a lot of new things I had to teach myself and adjust to in the process of making this.

Having never used Powtoon before I thought it would be a great way to entertain people listening to me by having this visual cues. however i ran into various problems, such as the site freezing and deleting all my work (without saving) and then the time constraint on the videos as i was not a premium user. I really had to problem solve a lot with this and find other ways of to do things in working around these hardships, but thus taking severely longer than was anticipated.

I used a range of difference resources and extra add ins to ensure my video wouldn’t just be plain and boring. In doing this, I used a mixture of good scholarly articles to explain ideas like slacktivism along with various general articles that brought up good points about these ideas too. I made sure to make good use of creative commons for sourcing my images for this video. Along with that I used a (new to me) site called Powtoon where I was able to make visual aided clips to help express the ideas I was discussing. This was quite time consuming but overall felt it was necessary to add into my video to ‘liven’ it up and make it more engaging. I made a plan of how I wanted my video to look and where images and statistics/ Powtoon clips would be incorporated, so that there would be a nice flow to it, and it to adequately match the idea I was speaking about. This was a good aid for me when editing my video and although I didn’t follow it to its entirety, it provided a nice guide and structure to follow. One of the biggest difficulties with the editing was just remembering to do all the small details, that would otherwise be forgotten. Ensuring that references are put in as I speak about them, was something I kept forgetting to do, so took some time to go back and ensure this was done correctly. And from there just ensuring sounds and any background music I used wasn’t overpowering or cut out erratically, and ultimately just ensuring timing was good and when it wasn’t myself being filmed, that my voice match up correctly to the images on the screen, was quite tricky to do.

Overall though I feel as though I’ve learned some valuable things about creating informative media for others to see. This is something that is extremely out of my comfort zone, as I rarely like sharing my work with others, but do feel like this has been a great unit to start building up my confidence to do so.


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My broader ALC203 – related Online Activity

I have engaged in the use of twitter online using the ALC203 hashtag. Although majority of my tweets had to do with the weekly content, I thoroughly enjoyed searching through the hashtag to see what my peers had been tweeting about, and found it extremely useful to see them discussing certain ideas and topics, which in turn helped me gage a better understanding about certain ideas, and allowed me to think more deeply about certain topics, based off their differing ideas. Although I do not use twitter as a preferred social media site, it has definitely been an interesting experience and I have really been able to understand the benefits that this social platform can have both professional and recreationally.


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